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Humble beginnings… Three peers were joined together through the ideas and concepts of growing really really awesome weed. Two of us didn’t even know each other, we knew of each other, but never actually met through the industry until one day Nick tried to convince Billy to grow weed with him and Billy agreed but thought we should include his friend Mike who already had some experience “in the field” (literally) and called a meeting of the minds. Nick pitched his ideas to Mike and Mike only had two things to say; Don’t fuck with me, and when can we start. We started that night and never looked back. We always used to joke that we wanted to have an empire where the sun never sets. The three of us decided that we needed to sacrifice our lives in NY and everything we could afford to sell and move to Maine where we could legally be caregivers and hone our craft. Now we have over 50 years of combined experience and manage one of the eight original licenses issued by the state with over 600 patients and 250 lights. Our product is carried all around the state and we produce some of the highest quality flower and extracts in the industry.